Tailor made fundraising to suit your charity

Virgin Money Giving presents ‘Campaigns’

Virgin Money Giving are proud to announce our new Campaigns tool; a new resource for charities to be able to create new ways of bringing supporters together for a cause or an activity.

This flexible tool has a number of options such as linking fundraisers to a hub page, viewing donors who give to the specific cause and adding widgets – such as videos and Twitter feeds – to allow charities to tell their story. It also allows charities to create customised donation amounts with images, so they can tell donors what the money could be used for.

The options available within the tool include:

  • Linking fundraisers
  • Showing all donors
  • Adding a campaign logo
  • Adding custom donation amounts with images
  • Adding a widget such as Twitter, video, an image gallery and social sharing links
  • Adding a target and a total amount raised
  • Being able to switch off Gift Aid for a campaign

You can use the tool in three ways; to create Appeals, to create Charity of the Year pages for corporate partners and to create Event hubs for key events.

The first of these, Appeals Pages, are to raise money for a specific objective; such as a disaster appeal or a church roof appeal. The second, Event Hubs, are for charities that have teams or groups of people running for a specific event such as the Virgin Money London Marathon. By bringing people together to see who else is taking part and how much is raised, the aim is to help fundraisers feel part of something bigger and want to raise more. The final use, the Charity of the Year pages, bring together various fundraising activity undertaken by your corporate partners and colleagues and allow the charity and the corporate partner to see how much has been raised.

Virgin Money Giving’s recent #FundraiserFriday star, Paul Prothero, used the Campaigns tool for his most recent campaign, read his story here on the Virgin Money Giving blog.