Sir Richard’s top tips for success

He shares his experiences from life and business

With over forty years’ experience in starting new businesses and shaking up whole industries, Sir Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial skills are renowned. His approach to achieving isn’t restricted solely to business – it can be applied to life in general too.

Here, he shares his tips for success.

Book: The Virgin Way, Richard Branson
Many of these quotes are taken from Sir Richard Branson’s latest book, The Virgin Way: How to Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead, which is available to Virgin Money customers for the reduced price of £14 (RRP £20) – a discount of 30%.

In The Virgin Way, Richard shares and distils his secrets of leadership and success. Featuring anecdotes from his own business dealings, as well as his observations of many others who have inspired him – from politicians, business leaders, explorers, scientists and philanthropists – Richard reflects on the qualities he feels are essential for success in today’s world.

"The very essence of entrepreneurship is about finding a gap in the market and providing a product that fills it," he concludes. "It doesn’t have to be an elaborate solution, but something of use that addresses the problem, and makes life easier."

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Sir Richard says the secret to living The Virgin Way is to say ‘yes’ whenever a great opportunity arises. This animation shows a few times he has said ‘yes’ over the years.


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