Virgin Money London Marathon £250m

Virgin Money Giving at the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon

The Virgin Money London Marathon just keeps on breaking records, as it was revealed that a whopping £22.1 million has been raised through Virgin Money Giving at the 2015 event, and that number continues to rise with donations still coming in. This means that the average amount raised per active Virgin Money Giving fundraiser was just under £1,600.

Due to its not-for-profit business model and lower fees, London Marathon fundraisers who used Virgin Money Giving ensured an estimated £625,000 more has reached charities than if those fundraisers used Just Giving*. With over £40 million raised online in total during the Marathon, the potential benefit to charities if all funds had been raised through Virgin Money Giving is over £1.2 million.

Virgin Money Giving has had a busy year with the addition of new services for fundraisers. Fundraisers had the opportunity to create their own fundraising video featuring Stephen Fry, with the British icon making a plea on each fundraiser’s behalf. This has been used by 6,200 fundraisers , with the films being viewed almost 200,000 times. The video will continue to be available for fundraisers undertaking future events.

This year also saw the launch of Someone Special, a functionality which enables numerous fundraisers to open pages in honour of someone, whether that be to celebrate a person’s recovery, to support someone by raising money for a cause important to them, or to fundraise in someone special’s memory. Jane Sutton, the mother of Stephen Sutton who raised incredible sums of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in 2014, set up a Someone Special page earlier this year to raise even more money for the charity in memory of her son. So far, Jane has raised over £22,000. Jane said;

I made a promise to Stephen last year that I would run the London Marathon and continue raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, the charity that helped Stephen so much before he passed away last May. I decided to fundraise using Virgin Money Giving as it was so easy to set up and more of the money raised goes to charity because it is a not-for-profit organisation, therefore the fees are much lower.

Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving said:

The idea for Virgin Money Giving originally stemmed from our sponsorship of the London Marathon, as a way we could help people raise more money for the charities they support. The record amount raised through this year’s event proves just how far we have come and we are delighted that, as Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, an extra £625,000 has gone to the charities supported by our fundraisers.”

In the six London Marathons since Virgin Money Giving was launched, an incredible £117 million has been raised by Virgin Money Giving fundraisers participating in the event, resulting in an estimated £3 million extra reaching charities.

* Figures based on a comparison of the cost of service and transaction with JustGiving, based on Virgin Money Giving’s 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon fundraising total.


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