Walking with the Wounded: Walk of Britain Day 3

Day 3 of the Virgin Money leg of the Walk of Britain – day 12 in total – began in Amble where we had finished off the previous day. After a round of teas and coffees – from Spurreli Cafe which had opened early especially for the team – we were off to begin the day’s 18 mile walk, taking in Cresswell and ending in Morpeth.

Our first stop was at Brambles Childcare Centre where the teachers and pupils had made a banner and flags to cheer the team on. People continue to take to the streets to wish the team well, and seeing this group was a great boost to get the day started.

Not long after, the team went off piste and took to the beach. Matt, Alec and Kirstie – all of whom suffered leg injuries during their time in the services – went ahead to test out the surface as sand can be difficult to walk on. the six former servicemen and women who make up the Walk of Britain team work together extremely well; whether it’s ensuring each other’s well-being or calling on each other’s skills to ensure the walk goes as smoothly as possible, it’s clear that the experience has brought them together as a team.

The walk is taking place to raise funds for Walking with the Wounded, a charity which helps ex-servicemen and women get back into work, by helping them to retrain in other fields. You can support the team by “Buying a Mile” or making a donation via their Virgin Money Giving page.

The sand made a nice change for the team, who have mostly been walking on pavement and roads, before it got too difficult to walk on and we headed back onto fields and paths to make it to Cresswell. There was a comedy moment when the group, headed by a former solider and Marine, took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end – an error which was quickly rectified and shrugged off!

The walk ended in the Virgin Money Morpeth store where a small group of well-wishers had gathered to applaud the team. There were some emotional scenes as one woman found herself in tears thanking the team for all they have done.

The team have now walked 186 miles and have another 814 to go, your support is as important as ever.


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