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Nine Ways to Make Your Home Happier

Take a look at the front of your house right now. Go on, we’ll wait.

Ah, you’re back. Does your house look happy? Is it smiling, or does it have more of a downcast expression? If it looks sad, there are plenty of ways you can perk up your home and give it a more inviting look. The kind of look that has people ringing your doorbell on a regular basis. Here’s what to do:

1. Give your garden some love

Things just feel better somehow when your surroundings are neat and tidy. If you take some time out to mow the lawn, tend the rockery and try your hand at landscape gardening, your house is likely to appreciate the effort. If you’re lucky, people will comment on how well you maintain your bush.


2. Watch paint dry

Alright, you don’t have to stand there while it dries. But a new coat of paint on the front door will make a world of difference. Red will look like the house is sticking its tongue out at everyone who comes round for dinner.

3. Do your best George Formby impression

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? (When was the last time you even opened the curtains?) We can’t all hire someone else to do it, and honestly your house doesn’t like being wiped by strangers. Fill a bucket, grab a sponge and get that glass squeaky clean. You don’t even need a ukulele.

4. Blitz the kitchen

Leaving plates and mugs out on the side makes your house sad, fact. It’s like you’ve left bits of last night’s takeaway stuck in its teeth and not pointed it out. It would never do that to you. Hoik out a brush and maintain that healthy house hygiene.


5. Suck it up

Somewhere in that cupboard you never open any more is likely to be a perfectly good vacuum cleaner. The vacuum needs just as much love and attention as your house does, considering what you make it eat. Take it for a spin to freshen up the carpets.

6. Stop the dust bunnies from reproducing

Arm yourself with a duster – ideally one of those big fluffy ones with an extending handle – and wipe those fluff balls out. Start with that pile of exercise equipment you haven’t touched for at least six months. Just don’t look directly at the bunnies if you think they might be in the middle of reproducing, as that’d be awkward.


7. Change the bed sheets

Seriously, how long has it been?

8. Take your stress out on the sofa cushions

The longer you spend binge-watching that sitcom you love, the more the cushions are going to need fluffing when you peel yourself off the sofa. Before you fire off an email about how disappointed you are at that series ending, get some of the initial anger out as you get up. A good pummel and squish will burn some calories off anyway.

9. Go on holiday

We left this until last because we didn’t quite know how to tell you, but sometimes your house needs some space. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ll appreciate the little home comforts even more when you’ve been away from them for a while. And your house will feel even nicer for it.


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