Virgin Money Foundation: Looking at Tyne Gateway Trust

In 2015, the Virgin Money Foundation, the independent charitable foundation launched by Virgin Money, awarded its first round of individual grants to 25 charitable organisations across the North East region with a total of around £900,000 being donated. Today we bring you a closer look at one of these organisations, the Tyne Gateway Trust.

Tyne Gateway Trust is a child poverty charity that works with the most vulnerable and ‘hard to engage’ families in North and South Tyneside and parts of Northumberland, working on a whole family basis to address the underlying issues that prevent them moving forward. The charity operates an evidence-based model of ‘Barefoot Professional’ whole family support; this means that they employ and train parents who live in the same communities as those the program already supports and who have experienced the same or similar issues. Staff and volunteers have developed a number of volunteer-led community services that are now ready to be developed into social enterprises to create an alternative employment route for those local people in the cycle of generational unemployment who do not have the confidence or qualifications to move into traditional employment.

The funding received from the Virgin Money Foundation grant will enable the charity to recruit dedicated staff to properly set up the new unit to take these enterprises forward. It will immediately create jobs and allow the trust to work in very deprived neighbourhoods to support those individuals who are furthest from employment to build confidence. It will also be used to develop new social enterprises which will have the double effect of creating employment and filling gaps in services to alleviate child poverty

Pauline Wonders, Director or Tyne Gateway, told us

This is excellent news and will bring so much to so many people and communities who feel they haven’t been given a chance. I am hugely excited to have the funds to set up our enterprise unit and show that everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur and create a better future for their children and for future generations, irrespective of education, background and postcode.

You can find out more about Tyne Gateway Trust via their website.


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