DS Virgin Racing: Buenos Aires ePrix #Fanboost

On Saturday 6th February, your DS Virgin Racing drivers will go head to head with 18 other drivers from all over the world, in a bid to win the 4th race of the season: the Buenos Aires ePrix.

It’s going to be hot, sweltering in fact and above all, it’s going to be intense.

Now the drivers don’t only go head to head on the track… they also go head to head off the track to win your #Fanboost votes.

So this is where DS Virgin Racing need your help!

FanBoost: Sam
FanBoost: Jean


What is Fanboost?

Everyone knows that feeling of watching TV, getting completely carried away and shouting at your favourite team or athlete as if they can hear you. Well, Fanboost is Formula E’s solution to this frustration.

In case you haven’t heard, in a nutshell Formula E’s fanboost gives power (literally) to the fans allowing them to provide drivers with an extra 100KJ of energy to use in a window between 180KW and 200KW during the race. And on a circuit that relies on electricity those 100KJ are pretty valuable. The drivers are fighting for it, the fans are giving it and as Jean-Eric Vergne proved in Punta del Este – the lethal combination of Fanboost and determination can make a real difference… 10 places to be precise.

Here’s how to vote

You can vote every day until the race and up to 6 minutes into the race itself either on the Formula E website directly or by sending a Tweet or Instagram post using the following hashtags.

TO VOTE for Sam Bird, tag your Twitter or Instagram post with #Fanboost #Sambird


TO VOTE for Jean-Eric Vergne tag your Twitter or Instagram post with #Fanboost #Jeanericvergne

What Difference does it actually make?

Ah, well this is a good question. It actually makes a lot of difference as DS Virgin Racing’s French driver Jean-Eric proved in Punta del Este just before Christmas as he overtook his competition Stephane Sarrazin .

Jean-Eric started 18th and overtook 10 cars to finish 7th. It was an unbelievable performance and one you can read more about here.

Don’t forget you can watch the ePrix live – find out more about the TV schedule here.


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