Fundraising for Someone Special

There are many things which can spark a person to fundraise and often it’s very personal. When you lose someone close or someone close is receiving treatment for illness or injury, the people involved can often be left feeling helpless and fundraising can be a way to actively offer support during this difficult time.

With Virgin Money Giving you can create a unique fundraising page dedicated to someone special in your life. Once you’ve created the page, friends and family can begin fundraising for up to five charities. You can encourage people to donate directly to the page or if family and friends are fundraising themselves, they can link their fundraising pages together to create a community in honour of this one important person.

The page is a unique way to share the story of someone special in your life, at a time when others might be going through a similar experience. Often, it’s not just family or friends who want to give, complete strangers are often touched by stories they read and also want to offer their support.

Start Fundraising 

A Someone Special page is ideal when fundraising in any one of three ways:

circles fw_r1_c2In memory of a loved one

Someone Special offers a simple, sensitive way for people to come together to fundraise in memory of someone who has passed away, to support the charities that helped them or a charity that was special to that person. You can honour your loved one’s courage while celebrating their memory. You may even choose to ask supporters to donate money to the page instead of sending flowers, so that your loved one’s legacy can live on through the chosen charity’s work.

Michelle set up a page in memory of her daughter Ellie who died from cancer at the age of 23.

circles fw_r1_c3When someone is undergoing treatment

When treatment is in progress due to illness or injury, people involved can often be left feeling helpless and fundraising can be a way to actively support during this difficult time. Someone Special allows you to open a page and create a community fundraising for the charities which are providing support during this difficult time.


Here is a page supporting 34-year-old Stacey Wilcox who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

circles fw_r1_c1When someone is in recovery

Someone Special also offers a way to celebrate recovery from illness or injury and a way to give something back to the charity that supported this journey. When you recover from a traumatic experience, the feeling of gratefulness to those who helped you can be overwhelming and Someone Special offers the opportunity for not only you, but everyone else who has been indirectly helped by this
charity, give back to them in a positive and active way.

Here is Stuart Robinson’s page, a fantastic example of Someone Special being used when someone is in recovery.


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