Spring Equinox: What to do with 12 hours of sunlight

This year’s spring equinox – the vernal equinox – is on March 20th. It’s when day and night are meant to become (roughly) equal, with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. What could you get done with half a day of sunshine on your side?

Start from the top

We’ve had a windy, stormy winter, and your roof might well have borne the brunt of it. The only way to know for sure is to get up a ladder and look. Or send someone brave who isn’t as scared of heights. While you’re counting the number of tiles missing, check whether your TV aerial and/or satellite dish are still up.

Unclog the gutters (or call someone else out to do it) to stop leaks, mould and other water damage from getting into your home. You might be able to tell if they’re blocked from the ground – spot sagging pipes or gutters and make a note of them.shutterstock_114347593

Improve your outlook on life

So you spent December, January AND February indoors with the curtains shut. Now they’re open, what state are your windows in? Rain-lashed? Frosty? Covered in paw prints? Best get the windows washed. If you don’t own a squeegee, ring someone who does.shutterstock_290382638

Transform a room

With 12 hours of sun streaming through those spotless windows, you don’t have to sit and watch paint dry. It’s a good time to finally redo the kitchen or take down that wallpaper you’ve never liked. A longer day gives you more time to rearrange furniture, assemble the new wardrobe, and see what Duck Egg Blue really looks like in natural light.shutterstock_265226720

Evict any interlopers

On cold days, you’ll feel warm and cosy inside your home. And so will any pests which agree that staying indoors was a great idea. Take a good look for signs of vermin, as well as any pesky wasp nests. If you’re suspicious of tiny animal squatters, always call out an exterminator and get the job done properly.shutterstock_374198917

Get into the garden

It’s fair to say that winter isn’t a popular month for gardening. Only the hardy perennials amongst us venture out there to freeze their crocuses off. By the spring equinox, there’s a lot of hedge maintenance and grass trimming to catch up on.

Start with a (nearly literal) sweep of the garden to clear the debris. Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to the gnomes as you pass by. Spring is the best time to plant flowers for summer, like geraniums and petunias.shutterstock_151137665

Don’t sit on the fence…

…repaint it. Or pick out a wood or metal stain that looks natural and protects the fencing. A sprayer will probably do the job quicker than a paintbrush, as long as your aim’s good.shutterstock_245393650

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