12 clever places to hide Easter eggs

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the real meaning of Easter is ‘to eat as much chocolate as possible’. Do your family a favour and hide the Easter eggs somewhere they’ll never be discovered and devoured. You don’t want them to ransack your house, of course – these are places they just won’t think to check.

Inside the TV cabinet

With on demand and TV streaming, it’s hardly likely anyone will look near the DVD player these days.

On the bookshelf

What is this paper thing you call ‘a book’? If you’ve never managed to get the kids to so much as glance at a paperback, this could be the time.

Taped under the kitchen table

Everyone expects the food to be on top of the table. Not this time!

In an egg box

Well, of course there are eggs in there. Is it too obvious? It’s the classic double bluff.

Inside the teapot

This works especially well if you have a family of coffee drinkers. Popping a tea cosy over the top will add an extra layer of difficulty.shutterstock_2655885231

Within a loo roll

Who changes the roll when it runs out? It’s always down to you. If you’re hopping mad about it, take some Easter-themed revenge.

In a windowbox

Spring’s a great time to plant flowering bulbs, so leaving small round things under the soil looks perfectly legit.

Under the stairs

Play ‘cold, warm, warmer’ as they race up and down the stairs. “But there’s nothing on the middle step!” It’ll take ages for them to catch on.

The shed

All the scary things are in there! Like the lawnmower, and the hedge trimmer – things that involve actual work!shutterstock_1839739731

Bobbing in the water fountain

A pond would be too risky given the depth, but little shallow water features are ideal.

In a bird feeder

Who knows, the birds might start looking after the eggs for you.

Under the barbecue lid

Only ever do this when it’s not lit. Chargrilled egg isn’t as tasty as it might sound.

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