YMCA Chelmsford’s plea for musical instruments

Virgin Money are delighted to be supporting the YMCA Chelmsford‘s plea for musical instruments to enable disadvantaged young people to experience the “joys of music.

Every Thursday, YMCA Chelmsford hold a Sound Night for young people who have a musical interest or an interest in playing an instrument. Under the guidance of coordinator Mike Humphrey, young people who may not ordinarily be able to take part in this type of activity due to other responsibilities are able to put these to one side and put their energy into creating music. YMCA Chelmsford tell us;

Music is the key to connect with young people at all levels and all abilities, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Giving young people the opportunity to learn to play an instrument will have an enormous impact on their development and could enrich the rest of their lives.
It can be just for fun, or taken to the next level to learn the basic rudiments and yet further, to master the instrument and join with others to form credible bands or groups, where natural team work and bonding takes place.”

The sessions are not funded and currently rely on the existing musical instrument stock which is somewhat “worse for wear“. The charity is, therefore, looking for of accessing a new stock of instruments, primarily; drums, electric drums, electric and acoustic guitars, small keyboards, amplifiers, vocal microphones and stands.

After joining the team on a YMCA Chelmsford Sound Night, Chelmsford City Councillors, Michael Holoway and Stephanie Scott became determined to find a way to obtain good quality used instruments that may be lurking, forgotten in lofts and cupboards, to provide deserving youngsters with the basic fundamentals they require to learn and develop.

At Virgin Money, we’re delighted to support this scheme under the guidance of Regional Manager, Peter Cane, offering eight branches as ‘Drop-In Centres’ for the acceptance of these instruments, while Chelmsford Virgin Money Store will launch the campaign. You can find details of thse 8 branches at the bottom of this page. Peter Cane says 

Virgin Money is delighted to be working with YMCA Chelmsford and the local council to be part of such a great initiative to provide children with the opportunity to learn and experience what music is all about. It would be brilliant to think that this simple scheme could unearth some musical stars of the future.”

Participating Virgin Money stores are:


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