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Anna joins us for ‘Take Your Daughter to work Day’

We’re lucky in the Social Media team here at Virgin Money that when there’s talk of ‘work experience’ or ‘take your son/daughter to work day’ that there’s more often than not an ask for them to spend a little time with us finding out what we do.

Today we were joined by Anna who was in Virgin Money for the day, as well as chatting to her about what we do, we asked her to pull together a quick ‘guest blog post’ on her day at Virgin Money.

Here’s how today went for Anna:

AnnaOn the 19th May, I eagerly awoke at 6am, ready to shadow my dad and his colleagues at a day’s work, not only happy to take a day off school, but also curious to find out what my dad actually does at a day of work.

At first, I was a little apprehensive to what a day in a bank’s offices would offer, and whether I would be sitting quietly in a corner as my dad participated in conference calls all day. What I didn’t anticipate though, was the immeasurable professional assets the experience would provide, and not to mention the free food in the Virgin Money lounges.

The day began at a sleepy 6am, with a slow train journey and a strong cup of coffee. We reached the office, and after a huge amount of introductions. Luckily, thanks to the friendly atmosphere and people, I was taken under the wing of various teams during the day and was thoroughly briefed on everything Virgin Money, from how to organise the key cupboard to a very interesting, in-depth run-down on the unique stance of Virgin Money’s marketing and branding. By the end of the day, it was very clear what a friendly and professional place it was.

My overall impression of Virgin Money was that it was a bank offering something different, helmed by friendly and welcoming people. To conclude, I had a great day.


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