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At Virgin Money, our mortgage business is driven by the thousands of independent mortgage brokers around the country who recommend us to their clients. We recognise just how important independent advice is when choosing a mortgage – after all it’s one of the biggest financial decisions any of us ever make – and we are proud of the partnerships we have built.

With the changes in mortgage regulation in recent years, our experience has been that customers increasingly want market advice, but many aren’t quite sure where to get it.

That’s why we’ve created the website – a brand new service that provides consumers who want advice, but who don’t have a broker, with a convenient way to locate an intermediary and access the support they need.

We are launching the website with a new advertising campaign where we’ve obscured the Virgin Money logo on the ads, suggesting customers go and talk to a mortgage broker instead.  Our ambition is to strengthen further our intermediary partnerships, while ensuring that more and more customers benefit from independent advice. And after all, with an award-winning mortgage range that’s as good as ours, after talking to a broker we’re pretty confident that many customers will find themselves talking to us…

An example advertisement from the campaign is shown below.



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