Strive2Thrive interview: Dean Beaumont ex-military

This week we are taking a look at the experiences of those who have attended one of our Strive2Thrive events. Here we talk to Dean Beaumont who works for Virgin Money after many years in the military. He appreciates just how hard the transition can be adapting from military life back to civvy street. Gone are the routine drills and inspections, suddenly you are on your own and faced with the task of what next?

Dean has worked for Virgin Money for over 2 years and is actively involved in the Strive2Thrive events being held by Virgin Money as he wants to be able to assist others in their change of career as they look to pursue another career outside of the military.

I wanted to make a positive difference to the experience of our HM forces veterans transition from military to civilian life. It is harder than people think but events like this can present new opportunities for these guys who have given a lot to our country in active service.

One of the biggest challenges Dean faced was getting the participants to relax and be comfortable in each other’s company. After all they were so used to military life which is strict and disciplined then all of a sudden they found themselves in a bright red Virgin environment which encourages people to be different.

He added,

We need to do more to help veterans. People assume they get a lot of help – but actually on a practical level they are in real need of advice. This is where the Strive2Thrive events come into their own.

So far 74 number of people have attended the events and the feedback has been extremely positive and Dean himself says getting involved in assisting has been worthwhile, challenging and rewarding. He said: “ I hope it helped the veterans who attended, we had amazing feedback scores on every aspect of the event – for me it was humbling and rewarding in equal measure. Strive2Thrive helps you realize there’s more than just to coming to work in a bank – this is Virgin Money!”


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