The Sex Pistols

A brief history of Punk

In celebration of 40 years of punk we’ve had a look back at what made punk what it is today, with the rise of the Sex Pistols.


Sex Pistols are formed and play their first gig supporting Bazooka Joes.


Punk is first used as a term to describe a genre of music.

Sex Pistols first single Anarchy in the UK is released.

Malcom McLaren runs two day music festival featuring solely Punk bands.

Sex Pistols appear on ITV and swear on live TV – Daily Mirror runs an article the following day labelling them the ‘Filthy and the Fury’ which would become the title of their documentary.


Sex Pistols
You’ve had the highlights now hear it from a real Sex Pistol – Read our Interview with Steve Jones

Sid Vicious replaces Glen Matlock in the Sex Pistols line up.

The Boomtown rats become the first punk / new wave band to appear on Top of the Pops.

Sex Pistols debut album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks here’s the Sex Pistols’ is released by Virgin Records. Although banned by many record shops it goes to number 1 in the album charts.


Sex Pistols disband after their first US tour, with Jonny Rotten asking “Ever get the feeling you been cheated?” as he walked off stage at their final gig.


“The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle” album is released – soundtrack of the film of the same name. By the time the album was released Johnny Rotten had left the band, although some tracks still involve him from earlier recording sessions. The ‘Great Train Robber’, Ronnie Biggs, sings lead vocals on the track “No One is Innocent”.

Sid Vicious dies in New York City on 2nd February.


Sex Pistols reform for the 6-month Filthy Lucre tour playing all their classics and covers.


Sex Pistols disband (again).


The Sex Pistols return to play London’s Brixton Academy in November 2007 as a special one-off show to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Never Mind the Bollocks”. However, due to demand the show sold-out and during the next week a further four Brixton shows were added.


“There’ll Always Be An England” DVD released. Directed by Julien Temple, it is a film of the Sex Pistols’ November 2007 Brixton Academy shows.

“Combine Harvester Tour” – The Sex Pistols return to headline the Isle of Wight Festival and embark on a series of headlining festival dates throughout Europe. They also travel to Japan for the first time in 12 years, and play their first ever live dates in Russia.

Sex Pistols Credit Card


Virgin Money release exclusive Sex Pistols credit card designs allowing customers to add a little bit of rebellion to their wallet.

Virgin Money rediscovers the lost art of throwing TV’s out of hotel windows and helps customers enjoy the destructive pleasure of launching a TV into the air.


Punk London launches to celebrate 40 years of Punk.

Joe Corre announces the death of punk by burning sex pistols memorabilia.