What's your biggest achievement in the last 5 years?

What’s your biggest achievement in the last 5 years?

Hasn’t time flown! It’s been 5 years since Virgin Money and Northern Rock came together and we launched our quest to make banking better.

It was this week five years ago that we set out on this quest and today we’ve published an update on the five promises we made back then.

So much has happened in such a short amount of time. All this week on our Facebook and Twitter pages we’re going to be looking back at some of the highlights, and sharing some of our favourite moments.

But we don’t just want to mark our achievements over the last five years…

Win £500 to celebrate your biggest achievement

To mark our anniversary and the progress we’ve made on our quest to make banking better, we’re launching a competition to help you celebrate your biggest achievement in the last five years.

We’ve got Five prizes of £500 available.

To enter all you need to do is reply to one of our posts on Facebook or tweet to @VirginMoney using #FiveYearsOfBetter and tell us what your biggest achievement has been since January 2012.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Who can enter?

  • All UK residents aged 18 or over at the date of entry.
  • Employees of Virgin Money or anyone directly connected to the Prize Draw or operation of the Prize Draw cannot enter.

2. When can you enter?

  • The entry period will open at 9am on 10 January 2017 and will close at 5.30pm on 20 January 2017 (the “Entry Period”).

3. How do you enter?

  • Entrants can enter the Prize Draw by replying to our social media posts on Twitter or Facebook during the Entry Period with a comment sharing their biggest achievement in the last 5 years.
  • You can only enter once and third party entries will not be accepted.

4. How will the winners be selected?

  • Five winners will be drawn at random from all qualifying entrants.

5. What is the Prize?

  • Each winner will receive a cheque for £500 (the “Prize”)
  • The Prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.

6. How do you know if you have won?

  • We will notify the winners through either Twitter or Facebook by 20 January 2017, or as soon as possible after the end of the Entry Period.

7. What else do you need to know?

  • Your personal information will be used to administer the Prize Draw.
  • You may be asked but are not under an obligation to participate in non-paid publicity.
  • The winners agree to allow Virgin Money to confirm their names and counties of residence to other entrants.
  • You understand and agree that you are providing your information to us and not Facebook or Twitter. By entering this Prize Draw, you release Facebook and/or Twitter from any action or claim arising out of the Prize Draw. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this Prize Draw must be directed to us, not Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • The Prize Draw is subject to English law.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to modify, terminate, suspend or extend the Prize Draw at any time without prior notice.
  • Events may occur which render the Prize Draw itself or the awarding of a Prize impossible due to reasons beyond our control and, accordingly, we may in our absolute discretion vary or amend the Prize Draw and you agree that no liability shall attach to us as a result thereof.
  • The Promoters decision is final.

8. Who is the Promoter?

  • We are Virgin Money plc.
  • Our company number is 06952311.
  • Our registered office is at Jubilee House, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4PL.
  • Facebook and Twitter are not the Promoter of this Prize Draw. This Prize Draw is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or in association with, Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. #FiveYearsOfBetter my biggest achievement over the past five years has to be meeting my now husband in 2012 everything has just got better since then we have an 8 month old daughter and another baby due in July. We bought our first home together and are finally on the right career paths that we both want.

  2. After working for an ungreatful boss for over 11 years I finally managed to open my own shop back in November 2015 #FiveYearsofBetter

  3. Carla Mireille Jones

    #fiveyearsofbetter my biggest achievement would be having done the london marathon in both 2013 and 2014, not only did I do them, I finished them. After the second one, I had a new GP, who finally believed me that I had leg pains that where something more than normal, after all my life of going to doctors about them, and being robbed off being told it was growing pains, then later in life being told it was I was not used to running and all the other reasons under the sun. I was then told that I was not aloud to run by the doctors and that they don’t know how I managed to even walk a marathon, nearly 3 years down the line they are still trying to fix my legs, that I have been in pain with all my life. Each doctor/specialist/surgeon says something different, 3 leg braces, multiple MRI’s, CT scans, X-RAYS, seeing multiple specialists, and they still can’t agree with what is wrong. If they had listen to my mum when she first took me in at 18months old I would be sorted as the latest thing is miserable malalignment syndrome, patella malalignment syndrome, damaged nerves in my back and achillies heels, and diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
    All of those undiagnosed and I managed to finishe the London marathon, twice! All mind of matter! Trust me my body wanted to pull out, but Not finishing was not an option for me. Of course I did them both for charities for the military!
    My time might have been bad, but I did them! And I’m proud I did!

  4. I have finally decided to do some serious charity work. I have completed a 3 month training program and am now doing unpaid shift work for the charity on an ongoing basis.

  5. I have overcome life threatening medical problems and now look forward to a long and happy future.

  6. In the last 5 years I packed up my life and moved to Thailand and then China to teach the people to speak English. Giving up everything was not easy and living in a foreign country also not an easy task. Teaching children and seeing them grow has made it worthwhile.

  7. I think mine must have been actually meeting Richard Branson at the V40 event in 2013!

    About ten years ago I set up a group called “Virgin Records in the 70s and 80s” …Its basically a nostalgia site with a nod towards all the Virgin Records Shops.artists and publicity over the years.

    In the lead up to V 40 I was able to provide Virgin with loads of info and photos relating to the early history of the label (even as far back as Student Magazine!) which led not only to an invite to V40 and meeting Richard but also getting an on screen credit (along with Mike Oldfield!) on the Virgin publicity Video for V40!


    Many Thanks

    Mike Grant

  8. After battling depression, following a very traumatic time. I learnt to play the guitar and plucked up courage to sing with it at my local folk clubs. After a very nervous start, I now really enjoy it. It has helped me so much . Am now 70 yrs old.

  9. Voting too leave the eu in the 1970s and all the older people voting to stay in then June 2016 voting out again aged 66 old myself and seeing the people coming to their senses and voting too leave FANTASTIC !!!!

  10. My biggest achievement since redundancy from Northern Rock in Aug 2008 is getting used to retirement and 5 yr on becoming full time Carer for my Wife in July 2013 due to disability caused by illnesses and now diagnosed with cancer of the gullet!.

  11. The last five years have been running three VLM now up to 15 Marathons 2016 at 65 ran coastal challenge NZ and two other trail half marathons dived Great Barrier Reef came back to UK Ran Four Marathons including VLM and am still running for cancer did not get in London this year on the Ballot but if I got £500 it would go to Children with cancer. My 65th Year has been amazin sadly after loosing my wife to breast cancer.

  12. My biggest achievement is beating cancer,and running the London marathon

  13. My biggest achievement is going through cancer and running in the London marathon

  14. I beat cancer so my biggest achievement is BEING ALIVE

  15. My biggest achievement is beating cancer last yr 2016, and alsdalsdo running g the London marathon

  16. After the drudge of working like a demented woman all my life, being kicked in the teeth by the government that I will not receive my state pension for another 7 years, I worked in business, saved and am able to stop work and manage independently on what I’ve got.

  17. My biggest achievement is bringing my 5 grandchildren up so that my daughters could work I loved having them and they gave me a reason to get up in the morning especially with my health problems I’m so lucky to have a special bond with my grandchildren love them all to bits. Xxx

  18. One of my biggest achievements in this time has been letting my wife look after our long term investments. She has made better monetary decisions than I would have including using Virgin Money. But my biggest is learning how to be a Grandad for the first time and remembering how to be a child again.

  19. After selling my business and loosing my beloved home in the US, I came home to London in 2012. I managed to find some work close to the Olympic events and volunteered for some international development organisations. Five years on, it has been a struggle to land a career job but with the help of many I will win in the end. Looking to do great deeds for those struggling in this world.

  20. My biggest achievement is ‘stepping up to the plate’ and putting myself forward as the WEP candidate in Glasgow for the Scottish election. I’ve never previously been involved in politics but felt it was important to focus attention on ‘equality’ so in spite of initially feeling very anxious I put on’ ‘the cloak of candidacy’, learned a lot, enjoyed the experience and felt very proud of myself and campaign team!