Norwich Lounge

5 Years of Stores and Lounges

It’s been 5 years since we got face to face with our customers. In late 2011 we opened our first Lounge in Edinburgh and then in Norwich, followed shortly by 75 Stores across the UK. We have also opened another four Lounges since then with three of them containing stores within.

Our Lounges are places where our customers are invited, free of charge, to relax, have a coffee on us, check their email and chat with friends. Each Lounge has its own unique feel and hidden surprises; the Sheffield Lounge  has a bowling alley and the London Haymarket Lounge has a Virgin Atlantic plane… as you do!

Our Lounges and Stores have been vital in the way we connect with our customers and have allowed us to tailor our services and products to meet their needs. Our colleagues in our Stores and Lounges have also been able to take direct feedback from our customers and feed this into how we operate and what we offer.

Banking with Virgin Money has been great. The face to face service goes a long way in banking these days.

With our company ethos of “EBO” – Everyone’s Better Off – both Stores and Lounges have been integral to how we work with our local communities – providing support, raising funds and awareness for local causes and have been key players in our Make £5 Grow Programme.

I like your ethos, it doesn’t feel like a normal bank.

We’d like to thank our colleagues and customers who have contributed to making our Stores and Lounges more than just a place to do banking. We wonder what the next five years will bring us?




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