Life savers on the move sponsored by Virgin Money

At Virgin Money we love to contribute to our local communities and have recently collaborated with St John Scotland and Edinburgh Trams on the new initiative to bring public defibrillators to Edinburgh.  Through funds raised by  St John Scotland and further funding provided by local businesses, Edinburgh now has access to these life saving machines.

Initially, the defibrillators were to be placed at tram stops across the city but – after further discussion – it was decided to keep them “on the move” and they are now placed on the trams themselves. Having this life saving equipment on the trams and mobile means that at any point along the tram route, someone suffering cardiac arrest should be no more than 6 minutes away from a defibrillator and so would see their chances of survival increase by 75%. Staff on the trams will be trained on how to operate the defibrillators  but in actual fact the machines have been made so simple to use that anyone should be able to operate them in an emergency.

Lynn Cleal, Fundraiser of the St John Scotland Edinburgh committee said

We are delighted to bring together the Donor businesses with Edinburgh Trams to install these lifesaving defibrillators. The St John and the City project is committed to making defibrillators more accessible to members of the public and as they will now be on every tram, we hope that they will be able to save more lives in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh’s Lord Provost the Rt Hon Donald Wilson was at the Valentines Day Launch with representatives from St Johns Scotland, Edinburgh Trams and the Businesses in Edinburgh that provided funding to bring this life saving equipment to the city, including Virgin money.

Virgin Money is proud to have collaborated with St Johns Scotland and Edinburgh Trams on this was a fantastic contribution to the city.

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