It’s Time to Change the Mental Health Stigma

This week – as part of our Heads Together event – our People Director, Matt Elliot, signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge to show Virgin Money’s commitment to how we will work to remove the stigma, develop our support and educate on mental health.

Run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness – Time to Change is a mental health anti-stigma campaign which was launched in 2007 to improve public attitudes and behaviour towards people experiencing mental health issues and to remove the discrimination that people often face when opening up about those issues. The campaign aims to bring about sustainable change so that people can talk and take action on mental health issues in their relationships, workplaces, schools and communities.

Although we have been focussing on Mental Health in-line with our corporate charity of the year, Heads Together, signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge will take us further on our journey as we join over 400 employers who have done the same. Time to Change will provide support and advice to help us deliver on our action plan and develop a culture that supports the change we need.

Bringing about this change isn’t just about Virgin Money, it’s about the knock on effect that change in attitude and understanding can have. If we can start the conversation in our offices and make a difference for our colleagues, then that also can happen for our friends  and families.


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