Lights, Camera… Action at Virgin Money

Virgin Money Lounges… what’s the catch?

As the manager of the first ever Virgin Money Lounge this was a question I was asked time and time again. We were a new bank that was introducing a new concept to the high-street, it made perfect sense to us but for those outside the business it was a tricky concept. We were offering a space in which our customers and their guests could relax, have meetings, enjoy refreshments, attend events and meet friendly Hosts that were not their to sell anything. On top of that, we were also offering our Lounges as a space where community groups, charities and local businesses could hold events or meetings which would benefit the local community… OK, I guess it would sound strange at first!

To help explain the who, what and why, I had the crazy idea of making a short video that would tell the story which I put forward and – in true Virgin Money style – the answer was “Yes… Go for it”. We enlisted the help of Four23 Agency to film and produce the video and I began to story board the touch points in the Lounge; looking at which shots would work, what the look and feel should be… Yes over night I turned into Steven Spielberg.

Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt were unavailable to appear in the video that day so I enlisted the help of my colleagues in Edinburgh to star in the video. I also called my mother who rounded up the family for their acting debut. We shot the video on a Sunday in the Edinburgh Lounge, with some extra footage filmed in our second Lounge which had opened in Norwich.

Now established and in seven locations across the country, our Lounges welcome thousands of guests each month and continue to support local charities and their surrounding communities.

No catch!”

The short video has now had almost 50,000 views on YouTube and is 4 years old today… which is odd because I haven’t aged a bit!


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