Make £5 Grow is full of surprises

The more we hear from the schools taking part in our Make £5 Grow Programme, the more surprised we get with the genius ideas that the children come up with, not to mention the massive profits they are making.

Some children at Struthers Primary School in Troon decided to sell “surprises”. Can you imagine the pitch on Dragons’ Den? When we read the feedback from this group, we spotted something really clever these children had latched onto. It’s a regular sight in many work places; getting a box of surprises every month, usually full of cosmetic goodies, like a “random act of kindness” that you arrange for yourself.

The children at Struthers Primary School have their finger on the pulse!

We love the way children all come together with a common goal,  in this particular case they were able to pin point the skill sets that they already had and put them to good use, divvying up roles like Advertisement Manager, Procurement Manager, Finance Manager and Production Manager; this was a slick operation.  In the feedback the children gave us, they spoke about leadership skills, deadlines, quality resources and an over all fantastic experience.

There was one comment from the children that really made us smile. The young entrepreneurs used some of the Make £5 Grow money to travel to Irvine – which is the next town to Troon – to get the surprises for the boxes. Classmate Adam said

If we hadn’t got your kind loan, we would have had to walk into Troon (our town) where we wouldn’t have got the quality items for our surprise boxes.

Well Adam, we couldn’t have that!  The group made a profit of £230.34  and are going to use the money for a class trip.

Take a further look at our Make £5 Grow Programme to find out how you can get involved.