Left handed? There’s a card for that!

Left handed? There’s a card for that!

We’re working on a brand new credit card – exclusively for left-handers!

Are you a leftie?

If you are, you’ll probably have experienced at least one of these frustrations:

  • The signature strip on the back of a card smudging when you’re signing it for the first time
  • Card readers at Tube, Train and Metro stations being set up for right-handed users
  • Supermarket Chip and Pin terminals being set up for right-handed users

There must be days when you feel it’s just not going right. Those days when you just want to get through the day, but you find yourself having to rearrange your desk to get your phone and mouse on the right side, who moved that?!

We won’t even mention the birthday card you smudged when writing it out this morning, and the change falling out of your hand when buying your morning coffee this morning is best left in the past. The joys of being a left hander.

We’ve all heard of left-handed scissors, tin openers, knives and pens. So why not credit cards, too? We asked our Credit Card Research Team to put their thinking caps on and investigate what was possible. They came up with a credit card which will significantly improve the lives of left-handers. Check out the exciting new features:

  • The chip is on the right-hand side so it’s ready to go straight into the chip reader, no need to spin it around
  • No more obscuring the card number with your fingers – we’ve moved that to the right too
  • We’ve even adjusted the weight distribution of the card so it feels more comfortable in the hand.

And of course, there will be all the exciting features and benefits you’d expect from a Virgin Money Credit Card:

  • Great range of offers from across the Virgin Group including exclusive offers on Virgin Red
  • Unique card designs to choose from
  • Earn cashback on online shopping with over 250 well know brands with Virgin Money Back
  • Exclusive access to the Virgin Money Lounges

Our left-handed card is still being developed and won’t be available for a while yet. But you can explore the current Virgin Money Credit Card range at virginmoney.com/cards

We asked a few members of the left-handed public for their reaction and this is what they said:

It looks fantastic – you get all the benefits of a so-called ‘normal’ credit card, but the card number is now much easier to read. Plus, the Virgin Money Lounges are amazing. I love the idea of being able to drop in for a cuppa when I’m out shopping

I’ve been left-handed all my life, and face challenges on a daily basis. I think Virgin Money’s left handed credit card could revolutionise shopping for me. Thank you Virgin Money for acknowledging the struggle.”