The spirit of the Virgin Money London Marathon

The spirit of the Virgin Money London Marathon

Matthew Rees and David Wyeth are experiencing a bit of a media frenzy today after yesterday’s London Marathon. By now, many of us have seen what happened as David hit the Mall for the final stretch of yesterday’s event but as yet he is still not sure what went wrong.

I was well prepared, it may have been dehydration but I’m still waiting to find out what the medical result say. My legs just crumbled and my body began to shut down

It was at this point Matthew Rees broke his pace and and turned to help David. For Matthew – a seasoned runner – the marathon had been no picnic, he had trouble with his calf around mile 9 but said;

It was just a natural thing to do, he had almost run it and I felt frustrated for him

David became emotional when he spoke about his wife and daughters seeing him do – as he calls it – “The Slow Robot Walk”, he has also been overwhelmed by the generous donations to his #ReasonTo Run charity Isabell Hospice, which he selected in memory of his late Uncle Allen.

When asked why this moment had become such a point of focus for the country, both Matthew and David spoke about yesterday’s moment as “the norm” within the running community but for some, it was the first time they had seen the true spirit of runners.