Out of the office and into the community

Out of the office and into the community

We caught up with Leanne who runs our Volunteering Programme, to hear what volunteering means to Virgin Money, and the benefits it brings…

It goes without saying that our Volunteering Programme aligns completely with our commitment to making Everyone Better Off.   In my role I get to engage with local charities and community programmes to see where Virgin Money can make a difference.  There are some organisations that rely entirely on volunteers, but luckily we are never short of colleagues
who want to help!  They can either spend time with opportunities we find or volunteer for a cause important to them and their family.Virgin Money Colleague Leanne Watson

It’s great to see such a varied selection of volunteering activities taking place. There are of course the popular gardening, decorating and clear up activities but we have also seen colleagues help young people learn about money and how to stay safe “on line”.  Often, people spot opportunities to use their specialist skills and have helped charities with Legal, Accountancy and IT support.  I think it’s great that our colleagues can make a difference is so many ways.

It’s also great to see the impact that the volunteering has had on our colleagues. Quite often they will return from their volunteering day and decide to keep that connection going, either through further volunteering or by encouraging other colleagues to help.  Although Virgin Money give colleagues 2 days off work to volunteer, many give much more of their time.  I’ve seen people and careers really develop as a result of volunteering. It’s that full circle Everyone’s Better Off approach, it always seems to give more than expected.

Having offices, stores and Lounges across the UK means we can reach far and wide, so if you are a community group or charity that could benefit from our volunteering programme please get in touch at volunteering@virginmoney.com