Stephen Snowling is fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Lifting 263 black cabs for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Tomorrow, at Lingwood Village Hall, Fitness @ the Street crew will be attempting to lift 500,000kg in a deadlift challenge for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

To help you visualise this, that’s 263 black cabs, 92 African elephants, or 3 Boeing 747s without any people in them!

The team, lead by Stephen Snowling, will be taking this on to raise money for the charity Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), chosen because – as Stephen tells us – a staggering 25% of his clients have sadly had to rely on the services of this amazing hospital.

The challenge

So why a Deadliftathon? We put this question to Stephen – particularly interested after we discovered the Boeing 747 statistic. Stephen, who runs a fitness community

Deadlifting for Great Ormond Street Hospital

called ‘Fitness @ the Street‘ told us that he wanted to break the stigma linked to the sport. He points out that despite the common misconception that deadlifting causes back pain and injuries, it’s actually one of the best exercises you can do to improve back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis; “not to mention the mental health benefits“, Stephen adds.

Those taking part in the event, which will run from 11am until 5pm tomorrow, range from 7 to 65 years old and each one experiences some sort of ailment, including a participant from Great Ormond Street Hospital itself who has had open heart surgery! As Stephen points out “anyone can lift!

The charity

Great Ormond Street Hospital has been dedicated to children’s healthcare and to finding new and better ways to treat childhood illnesses since its formation 165 years ago. The hospital receives more than 268,000 patient visits every year and, as Stephen tells us;

Having children myself, it breaks my heart when I listen to [my clients] stories of what their children have faced and what they are continuing to live with everyday.

The motivation

Stephen says that although the day will be hard, he has no doubt in his mind that the support that the competitors will give each other will be vital, the team spirit and group enthusiasm for everyone to succeed will help them all hit their personal goals, “not to mention lots of sweet carbs!

When asked about the fundraising aspect, Stephen says finding something that you are passionate about is the easy part, whereas planning and arranging the event takes hard work. His advice is;

Get as many people as you can to help you. That way you will be getting fresh ideas, along with the support you need to run a successful event. I have called upon various people to help me arrange my event all of which I am truly thankful for.

You can support Stephen and his team via their fundraising page.