From Cannes to Caen to Cam for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Tomorrow, 15 July, Richard Barnett and Rafe Aldridge will arrive in Cam, Gloucestershire after cycling from Cannes in the South of France. They gave themselves under three weeks to complete the journey, all in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of Richard’s uncle David.

The challenge

The challenge for Richard came about thanks to a friend who works at the Cannes Lions Festival. When discussion, Richard’s late uncle David’s love of France came to the forefront of his mind, and he decided it would be a perfect way to raise some money in his memory.

This cycle ride from “Cannes to Caen to Cam” has involved cycling between 50 and 90 miles a day while carrying their tents, clothes and spare parts for their bikes. Richard tells us

You definitely need tolerance and patience. You are going to spend a lot of time with each other in situations which are tiring and can be stressful – some of the maps routes prepared online have not been that good in reality.”

Despite the distance and the heat – temperatures reached the high 30s – Richard tells us that the challenge has gone really well to date that they’ve had no major mechanical issues.

Richard adds that it will feel very weird when he finishes as he will have been on his bike almost every day for three weeks. The journey will finish at uncle David’s local pub, with friends and family raising a glass in his memory.

The charity

As a result of his uncle David’s illness, Richard learned a lot about Pancreatic Cancer and tells us that shockingly, only 5% of patients survive – giving it the worst survival rate of all 22 common cancers. Despite this, it receives just over 3% of all cancer research funding.

Each day, 26 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and 24 people die from the disease”

Pancreatic Cancer UK have been working hard to spur creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer research. They also fund research to support, develop and attract the brightest minds in the field who will go on to make the breakthroughs of the future.

Richard Barnett is fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Richard tells us that although he’s been keeping friends and family up to date, fundraising has been a challenge during his trip as it’s harder to chase people for donations. His top fundraising tip is to start fundraising early.

You can help Richard smash his target by donating to his fundraising page.