Catching some rays at the Edinburgh Fringe

In its 70th year, Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe is bursting at the seams with over 3,000 shows setting out to delight audiences throughout the month of August. To house these 3,000 plus shows, the city builds, transforms, unlocks and dusts off some pretty amazing venues to ensure audiences have that unique experience that only The Fringe can deliver.

If you fancy a change from the indoor venues and want to catch a few rays whilst being entertained (we like to be optimistic) you may want to enjoy some outdoor entertainment so we have listed some the of the venues that allow you to top up your vitamin D levels.

The High Street

Once a year, Edinburgh High Street – part of the Royal Mile – and the Mound become hugely iconic events in their own right. From St Giles’ Cathedral to Hunter Square, the High Street and the Mound Precinct are bursting with market stalls, street performers, Fringe stages and people advertising Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows.  Virgin Money have been sponsoring the Virgin Money Street Events for seven years now, helping to showcase music, dance, drama and so much more with acts from all over the world.

The top of Arthur’s Seat… Yes, the top of Arthur’s Seat!

Towering over the city this venue is the oldest one at roughly 335 million years old (we believe Joan Rivers performed at it’s launch party). Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s ancient but dormant volcano, is a venue that will not only deliver fantastic views across the city but as it’s quite a hike, it will also help keep you fit. Hold on to your Fringe programme it can be quite windy up there!

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Just one mile from the city centre, The Royal Botanic Gardens has 70 acres of landscaped grounds and is home to the stunning Victorian Glasshouse built in 1834. Whether you are there to see a performance or visiting the gardens, you’ll be transported all over the world with one of the largest living collections of plants.

Dalkeith Country Park

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Dalkeith Country Park is a venue that opens up a whole range of activities. This historic estate offers up wildlife, zorbing, archery, nature walks and children have the opportunity to play in the fantastic Fort Douglas. If you want to give your feet a rest you can even hire bikes to get around more than 100,00 acres of beautiful grounds. If you are planning a visit you can get travel details here.


And of course the best advice we can give you for these venues… is to take a raincoat or poncho, just in case!

Arthur Seat