The #PackItIn45 LIVE final

We’ve have been on the hunt for the country’s best packers. The #PackitIn45 tour has been working its way around the country visiting Virgin Money Lounges in Norwich, Manchester, Glasgow and London. And even popping up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

They’ve been looking for 4 finalists to battle it out on a Facebook Live final to attempt to claim the Guinness World Record title for the Fastest time to Pack a suitcase. And we’ve also been surprising a few people with some Virgin Money Travel Money.

The fastest person to pack the suitcase in the Live final will be heading off for a 7 nights all-inclusive stay at the Sea Breeze Beach House thanks to the guys at Virgin Holidays. And if they can beat 46.18 seconds they’ll also take the Guinness World Records title!

It’s not as simple as scooping everything up dropping it into the case. Each item needs to be placed one at a time, and you need to be able to zip it shut when you’ve finished. And in addition to the items (listed below) to be packed you need to start off wearing the Sun Hat, Sunglasses, t-shirt, shirt, and sarong!

Here’s the full list of holiday essentials that need to go in:

  • Bucket & Spade
  • Woman’s Sun Hat
  • Snorkel & Mask
  • Inflatable Rubber Ring
  • Childs Golf Shorts
  • Teddy Bear
  • Small Beach Towel
  • Swimming Arm Bands
  • T-shirt for girl
  • Kids Sunglasses
  • Hawaiian Shorts
  • Speedos
  • Man’s short sleeved shirt
  • Pants (Y-Front style of course)
  • Sport T-shirt
  • Bikini
  • Women’s Strapless Dress
  • Sarong
  • Flip-flops
  • Trainers

You can watch the final on Facebook Live: Sunday 27 August at 7pm.


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