Ideas we love: Celebration Garden of Forget-me-nots

Celebration Garden by St Richard’s Hospice

What’s the big idea?

In a similar campaign to the placing of ceramic poppies in the grounds of the Tower of London to mark centenary of WWI, the Celebration Garden saw 1,000 hand-crafted forget-me-nots planted in Worcester city centre. The flowers were sponsored by members of the public who later got to take them home as a keepsake.

Why do we love it?

The location at the base of St Andrew’s Spire in the city gives the campaign great visibility and the clever use of forget-me-nots means that the campaign perfectly resonates with the charity.

What’s the secret of its success?

By putting their own spin on a proven headline-grabber, St Richard’s Hospice ensured great publicity. And by limiting the number of flowers available to 1,000 they added a useful element of urgency.

See more about the Celebration Garden here.

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