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Everyone can change the world…One challenge at a time

When athlete talks to athlete all kinds of truths are revealed. That was the goal of the #OneChallenge film series, produced by Virgin Money Giving and the Women’s Sport Trust. To be a spectator, fly-on-wall style, to the great novelty of some of GB’s greatest female athletes being given the opportunity to discuss issues like body image, motivation, parenthood, ideal thigh size, sexism, online dating, winning, losing…and, in one memorable case, having plans to open a sausage dog hotel.

The over-arching theme of the one-to-one conversations was surmounting challenges, no matter how daunting the obstacles seem. So an Invictus athlete describes her on-going battle with PTSD which drove her to the brink of suicide and a woman who lost her legs in the London 7/7 bombings now looks back at that horrific life-changing morning trapped on the tube at Aldgate Station as something that propelled her to the amazingly positive experience of the Paralympics.

When possibly the country’s most powerful female sports administrator admits to obsessive masochism in her competitive Olympic career, it is evidence that all comic, tearful, intriguing, honest human sporting life is here.

Collected among the contributors: 14 Olympic medals, 19 Paralympic medals, two World Cup victories, 117 England football caps, the Kauto Star Novice Chase at Kempton, 11 years of presenting Big Brother, 8 Grand Slam tennis titles (within the family) and a damehood.

They are among the highest-achieving women in the history of British Sport and they offer their stories so that others might be inspired to take up a physical challenge themselves. In that case, Virgin Money Giving and the Women’s Sport Trust Mixed Zone would love to hear about it.