Ideas we love: From Me To You Letters

What’s the big idea?

A testament to the power of putting pen to paper, From Me To You Letters encourages people to write letters to friends and family who are suffering from cancer as a way to keep people connected at a time when many feel isolated.

Why do we love it?

Because it reminds us of the power of small things. It’s only the cost of a stamp, but the effect on the person receiving your letter can be enormous. The site is full of practical tips to help people pen that first note and the organisers also run workshops and hold talks.

What’s the secret of its success?

It’s borne out of experience. The campaign is the brainchild of Brian Greenley and Alison Hitchcock, who met shortly after Brian was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Despite not knowing Brian well, Alison offered to write to him throughout his treatment. They both believe that the 100+ letters she wrote to him changed their lives.

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