Ideas we love: Dry January

Dry January

What’s the big idea?

Raising both funds and awareness, Alcohol Concern’s ‘Dry January’ encourages those that drink a little too much to go booze-free for the first month of the year.

Why do we love it?

Because in just two words most people will get the concept. The digital tools created to support the campaign – including an app and online impact calculator – also help participants to keep their resolve.

What’s the secret of its success?

Like most really successful campaigns Dry January accentuates the positive, stressing the financial and health benefits of a month on the wagon. For example, 79% of participants saved money and 62% slept better and had more energy. Who wouldn’t want to start 2018 like that?

Get Involved with Dry January

Any charity can fundraise through Dry January, with 60% for you and 40% for Alcohol Concern. To get involved just email

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