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Virgin Money To Launch Business Banking

Last week, we were very pleased to announce that we will be making our move into the world of banking for small businesses. Starting his own journey, at the age of 16, Richard Branson is a great believer in British business, so it is only fitting that Virgin Money is now taking this step.

Starting with the launch of a business savings account in January, followed by a current account later in the year, our ambition is plain and simple: to help small and medium sized businesses across the country succeed and grow. We want to help small businesses have a fundamentally different relationship with their bank.  It will take us time to get there, but we won’t rest until we do.

Register your interest

If you’re a business looking for a very different kind of bank, and are interested in being one of our first customers, please email us at

We’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we launch, and we’ll offer you a nice surprise when we do.  Sign up via email to find out more in January.