Our top tips for setting up your London Marathon Virgin Money Giving page

Share your challenge

The Virgin Money London Marathon might be one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it’s not going to be easy! It’s 26.2 miles and that’s after weeks of training, winter runs, carb loading – so don’t forget to shout it from the rooftops. Make sure that anyone who visits your page understands exactly how much effort you’re going through to raise money for your chosen charity and remember to keep it updated as you get closer to the big day!

Set a target

This one is simple: our research has shown that people who set a target on their page raise more than people who don’t. So stick a target on your page, whether it’s a
hundred quid or a five figure sum, it will give you something to aim for and could even sway your donors to give a little bit extra to help you get there.

Tell your story

It always helps to ensure that anyone who reads your fundraising page knows exactly why you’re fundraising. Who inspired you to take on your challenge? What makes the challenge or your chosen charity personal to you? It gives your page a much more personal feel if you can get across the reasons you are taking part and that means people are more likely to identify with what you’re doing.

Make it look good

Making sure your fundraising page is easy on the eye is always a good way of keeping people’s attention when they land on your page. You can add a profile picture, a header image and then add lots of images to your story – this makes your page more eye-catching and also helps to tell your story.

Bring it back to the charity

The charity is the reason you’re taking on your challenge, whatever it may be, so don’t forget to remind people of this on your page. What amazing work does your charity do? What will they do with the money you raise? Remind people what their donation means – it might encourage them to add a little more!

Don’t delay, set up your page today!

We’re #RunningLondon with you

Virgin Money Giving will be hosting a whole load of Virgin Money London Marathon content for runners, fundraisers and fans. Check back for regular content between now and 22 April and don’t forget to keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook.