Top 10 Dry January fundraising ideas

Are you taking on the Dry January challenge to give something back to your favourite causes? Here’s our top 10 fundraising ideas to help you not only get started, but keep a clear head and smash your Dry January fundraising target.

1. Download the Dry January app

Download the Dry January app (on the App Store or Google Play) to track your progress and create your fundraising page. Together we’ll make sure you blitz through January booze free.

2. Donate your units

You can track what you would have drank in 2017 on the Dry January app, and donate what you would have spent in a week to kick start your fundraising. Easy-peasy.

3. Designated driver

Save your mates their usual taxi fare (and the waiting around at 2am in the freezing cold), and offer them a ride home for donations to your page. That way you raise money and keep your mates safe too.

4. This round’s on you

Seeing as you won’t be in the rounds at the pub, why not offer to make all the rounds of tea at work for a day (or longer if you can) in exchange for donations? Chances are, your colleagues will be delighted to make a donation in exchange for a personal tea maker!

5. Drinks in lieu

If you hit the pub or bar this January, when anyone offers you a drink, simply ask for a donation instead of what they would have paid to get your usual. People will be impressed with your sacrifice!

6. Workplace leaderboards

Crack out your competitive side and challenge your workmates to stay dry with you. See who can last the longest and let the best team win!

7. Mocktail party

Swap your usual glass of wine for a mocktail this January. Play bartender and get everyone trying a new non-alcoholic bevvy.

8. Pyjama party

Return to the big kid in you and host a good, old pyjama party. Remember all the fun you had as a kid? Provide some snacks, pull out some classic DVDs and ask your mates to donate what they would have spent on a night out to help you stay dry.

9. Go beyond Dry January

Challenge yourself to stay dry not just for January, but February, March or even the whole year. You’ll be smashing your fundraising, saving money and giving your body a break.

10. Share our memes

Need help spreading the word with your friends and family? Check out our social media toolkit. It’s full of fun memes to help you start the conversation on social media and reminding your friends about your sacrifice.