Supporting Parents and Children in the STEM world

It can often be quite daunting when asked about something you may know very little about. Research shows that this can happen a lot when pupils approach their parents or carers with regards to their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects and future aspirations in STEM related fields.  To support our recent STEM Event, held in our Gosforth Office, we wanted to share some useful links that can help you support and guide a young person in this area.

A great place to start is at ‘The Kid Should See this’ website. It’s full of regular and really interesting (often STEM related) videos chosen by the website owner, Rion Nakaya for her own children.

Places to visit to find out more about STEM past and present

  • Discovery museum host a range of STEM based activities in the holidays and also have a Big 5 inventors trail.
  • Cragside: The first house lit by electric light (powered by water) in the world
  • Centre for Life hold a range of STEM activities, including maker activities in holidays and at weekends.
  • Code club / Coder Dojo

Websites about STEM and careers

  1. Tomorrow’s Engineers
  2. – Lots of information about physics including a physics careers section.
  3. NHS careers. An excellent website which gives examples of the huge range of different careers available in the health service at all levels.
  4. Futuremorph (no longer updated, but with a lot of helpful information)

Websites with activities to try at home

  1. ‘Marvin and Milo’ cartoons which give simple ideas for activities to try at home.
  2. Instructables has a lot of different projects aimed at all ages. g. Hands on Engineering STEM projects for kids from Instructables
  3. Learn coding at home.