Meet our resident MC at the Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone

If you have been out to the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo at the London Excel Centre and have visited the Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone you will have heard, seen, chatted with and maybe even danced with “Mike on the Mic”. So who is the man behind the microphone? The man behind the moves?

He is Mike Beckingham, 35, an actor and has been running the party out at Expo for Virgin Money Giving for the past 3 years. We caught up with Mike before the doors opened this morning. Over to you Mike:

People always ask me where I get my energy from. It’s the same answer every time; it comes from all the people who pass through the Virgin Money Challenge Zone. You can see their excitement and feel it. I get to talk to so many people, hear their amazing stories and why they are running. It can be very emotional and always inspirational.

The Virgin Money Challenge Zone is at the end of Expo so I’m aware that we are the last London Marathon touchpoint for people before the big day. It doesn’t feel like a responsibility to give them a great experience, it’s more of a privilege – these people really are amazing!

I should also add that it’s not just me, the entire team here in the Challenge Zone is top notch. They love it as much as I do, that’s why so many of them come back every year. It’s a very popular gig.

If I had to describe the Virgin Money Challenge Zone in a word it would be ‘electric’. You can feel the electricity in the air as soon as you walk in and it’s charged constantly by the amazing people who visit.

Grab a high five from “Mike on the Mic’ when if you are visiting the Challenge Zone.