A video on videos: how to tell your charity’s story and make an impact

Over on our Charity Insider twitter feed, we have shared lots of examples of fantastic charity videos. We know that video is a fantastic way to tell your charity’s story; video can be emotive, impactful and it doesn’t always require a lot of budget.

We decided that it was time to stop simply sharing videos and instead, talk to an expert about exactly what can make a video work and how any charity can make this work for them – all you need is a camera.

Should a charity video be educational or entertaining? Do you always need a big budget? What’s more important – planning or production?

Enter Ben Matthews, Director at the creative agency for non-profits Montford.

And don’t forget to stick around for the end of this video, where we have links to a more in-depth look at each of the three videos.

Lights, camera, action…