Edinburgh Festival Fringe Tips for Edinburgh Locals

As locals, we have the privilege of hosting this fantastic month long festival in our beautiful city. It brings with it great responsibility and pride and it can, shall we say, alter the way you get around the city for a month. Check our these local tips for local people to ensure you get the most out of the Fringe.

Change your Fringe perspective

If you know someone that hasn’t been to the Fringe before – be it a visitor, someone new to the city or a friends that says “nah, it’s not for me” – why not head out together and experience the Fringe through fresh eyes?

Health and well-being

Remember you are not on holiday – you have a job, a family, responsibilities. Go easy and stay hydrated… with water!

Be prepared

The weather in Edinburgh can be… You know the score. And don’t even mention umbrellas.

Sharing is caring

If you get chatting to a visitor in the queue for a show, on the bus or perhaps even in a public house or pop up bar why not tell them about “your Edinburgh”? Introduce them to something that may not be in a handbook or featuring in the Fringe programme.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for anyone who might be lost in this maze of a city too – a pointing finger is a universal language and if you see people trying to take an awkward selfie why not offer to take their photo?

Watch those pennies

Eat at home or in the office before you head out, see something free at the Virgin Money Street Events on the High Street or Mound and don’t forget about the Virgin Money Half Price Hut.


As we all know, the population of Edinburgh does somewhat boom during the month of August so you may need to allow extra travel time. The exciting news this year is that Lothian Buses are now accepting contactless payments which means nobody is having to fiddle around finding exact change – a definite win!

Go further afield

The city centre is bustling with tourists and locals, but don’t forget there are venues right across the city, from Leith to Chesser, where the surrounding area might allow for a more leisurely pace.

Check out the Inspiration Machine

Most people you speak to will tell you their best Fringe experience was the one when they took a random recommendation, or agreed to go to the first show they were given a flyer for. This uyear Edinburgh Fringe team are really keen for you to take that a step further and #MakeYourFringe by trying out some new things, so they created the Inspiration Machine. The Inspiration Machine will sit on the Mound for the duration of the Fringe and at the touch of a button will give you a selection of shows you might want to see – plus there is an online version available too. Find out more here.

You can also find the “Nearby Now” button on the Fringe App so if you find yourself with a wee bit of free time during August, hit the “Nearby Now” button and you could be in a fantastic show before you know it!

Share your own Fringe tips

Let us know your top Fringe tips, be you local, performer, seasoned visitor or any other type of Fringe goe-er. Tweet us @VirginMoney and remember to include the hashtag #MakeYourFringe