Fringe Performer

Calling all Fringe acts: we want to hear your recommendations

Trying to explain the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to someone who’s never been there is almost impossible. Trying to capture the vastness and range of the performances available during the month of August in Edinburgh requires a lot of visual help. So we thought we’d ask some experts to help us.

Acts on acts

We’re asking acts performing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe to send us a short video recommending their own show and one other. The videos should be no more than 30 seconds so you’ll need to be clever with your words – but hey, you don’t get to a stage at the Fringe without a creative imagination now do you?

When the Fringe reviews are flooding in from all over, we reckon that people will have just that wee bit more time for one by a seasoned performer.

How to take part

Tweet us your clips @VirginMoney or if you’d rather send them via email, contact us through twitter to find out the best way to do this.

And of course, if you’re not an act, you can still let us know what you’ve really enjoyed at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe by tweeting us @VirginMoney.


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