#MakeYourFringe with these Fringe Hacks

Since 2011, Virgin Money have been delighted to partner the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe by sponsoring the Street Events on the Royal Mile and Mound Precinct along with the Half Price Hut.

We’ve been taking in everything the Fringe has to offer and here are our top 10 Fringe hacks to help you #MakeYourFringe:

1. Pack for all types weather.

Edinburgh is known for so many things and one of them is four-seasons-in-one-day, so pack your suntan lotion, sunglasses, hats, jumpers, rain coats and wellies – as well as a bag to put the extra layers in when the temperature rises. Edinburgh can be bathed in glorious sunshine at 11:07 , have a gust of wind at 11:10, a sudden downpour at 11:15 and back to sunshine at 11:30… So it’s best to be prepared.

2. Get yourself a copy of the Fringe programme.

It’s available all over Edinburgh, and from the Fringe Shop on the High Street. You’ll find listings inside for all the shows and details of the venues. Or, of course, you can go hi-tech and…

3. Download the official Fringe app for your phone

The app is available on both iPhone and Android phones, is free and gives you show listings, maps to venues, ticket availability and you can keep a schedule of your shows so you know where to get to next. Most importantly, you can buy tickets in the app and then pick them up without queuing from the fast ticket machines.

4. Visit the Half Price Hut

You’ll find the Virgin Money Half Price Hut down on the Mound with half-price tickets for a variety of shows. We take half the financial risk when you take the creative risk of picking a show from the list available – you may find a new favourite!

5. Walk the High Street

Before you spend any money on shows, take a walk up the High Street. You’ll find street performers from all over the world singing, dancing, juggling, performing magic and acrobatics.

6. Surprise yourself and try something different.

The flyer-ers are on the High Street for a reason – to open your eyes to shows you might never have otherwise heard of. Of course it’s good practice to book a few shows in advance, but it’s not all about the big names at the Fringe – take a chance on something new, the variety available is simply unbeatable.

7. Visit the Fringe Shop

Situated in the middle of the High Street, the Fringe Shop is one of the main ticket booking and collection locations, and don’t forget to pick up this years must have items.

8. See the must see sold out show

If there’s an act you want to see and it’s sold out, head to the venue. Some venues will have last minute tickets available before the doors open. But in future, booking early for the big name shows will ensure you get that “must have” ticket.

9. You’ll need a map

Venues range from 500 seat theatres to small tents and pub toilets spread all over the city of Edinburgh. There are free maps available that will help you get from venue to venue, you’ll find these being handed out at venues or ask at the information desk in the Fringe Shop.

10. Be prepared for audience participation

Many of the street acts rely on audience participation, ranging from children helping escapologists wriggle free from handcuffs and straight jackets, to adults helping to ensure acrobats don’t fall from 15 foot high poles.

Don’t forget if you are hitting up social media with your snaps from the Fringe this year to include the hashtags #MakeYourFringe and #EdFringe.