Forget ‘Let it snow’, we’re all about ‘Make it grow’!

This year our fantastic Make £5 Grow programme has enabled over 30,000 school children to turn £5 into successful mini businesses.

The schools that took part in Make £5 Grow generated a whopping profit of over £85,000! This has been re-invested into the schools or donated to local good causes.

The concept is simple: We provide a loan of £5 for each pupil taking part. Pupils then use that money to create a product or service they can sell to make a profit for their school or local good cause.

It gives pupils valuable insight into how business works and enables them to start building and developing essential skills for the future, such as team working, problem solving, leadership and money management.

Cedars Trust in Gateshead supports young people with physical, sensory and medical needs, speech, language and communication disorders, autism and a wide range of other complex needs. One of their teachers wanted to share the following about the programme:

“Most of the young people we work with won’t get any formal qualifications, but we aim to teach important life lessons that will help them in the future. We are currently focusing on money management, so Make £5 Grow is a perfect programme to use to really bring this topic to life. Thank you for supporting our young people.”

We’re really proud to be able to support our next generation become our future entrepreneurs.

You can read more about Virgin Money’s Make £5 Grow programme here.


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