Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Catching some rays at the Edinburgh Fringe

In its 70th year, Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe is bursting at the seams with over 3,000 shows setting out to delight audiences throughout the month of August. To house these 3,000 plus shows, the city builds, transforms, unlocks and dusts off some pretty amazing venues to ensure audiences have that unique experience that only The Fringe can deliver. If you fancy …

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2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Facts

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The Edinburgh Fringe is bursting at the seams this year. Looking at the figures below, you could be quite busy in August. “Stats Entertainment” Total number of Fringe Shows : 3,398 Number of venues: 300 Expected performances: 53,232 Countries represented: 62 International countries: 58 Number of free shows: 686 Pay what you want shows: 215 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Premiers: 1,683 As …

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Ten Tips for the Edinburgh Fringe

Fringe Performer

Since 2011, Virgin Money have been delighted to partner the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe by sponsoring the Fringe on the High Street and the Half Price Hut. As well as painting the town red, we felt this partnership mirrored our ethos of doing things a bit differently. We’ve been taking in everything the Fringe has to offer and here are our …

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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Schools Poster Competition

On Monday, we attended the presentation for the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Schools Poster competition at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. The Fringe Schools Poster competition was launched in 1980 and is one of the longest-running arts outreach projects in Scotland. The competition is open to all schoolchildren between primary 1 and senior 6 across Scotland and in the past 37 years, the …

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Virgin Money meets – the Fringe Street Events Manager

Once a year, Edinburgh High Street – part of the Royal Mile – and the Mound become hugely iconic events in their own right. From St Giles’ Cathedral to Hunter Square, the street and the Mound Precinct are bursting with market stalls, street performers, Fringe stages and people advertising Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows. There is music, dance, drama and so much more with acts …

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Fringe Access – Looked-After Children

We are teaming up with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and the City of Edinburgh Council, have launched a brand new community scheme aimed at providing complimentary tickets to Fringe shows for children who are being cared for by City of Edinburgh Council. The project called ‘Fringe Access – Looked-After Children’ comes on the back of a successful pilot last year …

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Virgin Money Meets – an Edinburgh Festival Fringe Venue Manager

Hundreds of thousands of people will visit the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe to watch music, theatre, comedy and dance in huge theatres, in the back rooms of pubs, on the High Street and in pop up venues which seem to appear from nowhere for the four weeks of August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is world famous and is the biggest arts festival in the world. What …

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Virgin Money at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Another Edinburgh Festival Fringe is well under way. This year, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will watch 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows in 313 venues across Edinburgh. Andrew Nicholson, head of sponsorship at Virgin Money, talks a bit more about Virgin Money’s partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as we enter our fifth year of sponsorship. The Edinburgh …

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