My home and everything in it


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At Virgin Money, our mortgage business is driven by the thousands of independent mortgage brokers around the country who recommend us to their clients. We recognise just how important independent advice is when choosing a mortgage – after all it’s one of the biggest financial decisions any of us ever make – and we are proud of the partnerships we …

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12 clever places to hide Easter eggs

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the real meaning of Easter is ‘to eat as much chocolate as possible’. Do your family a favour and hide the Easter eggs somewhere they’ll never be discovered and devoured. You don’t want them to ransack your house, of course – these are places they just won’t think to check. Inside the TV cabinet …

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Spring Equinox: What to do with 12 hours of sunlight

This year’s spring equinox – the vernal equinox – is on March 20th. It’s when day and night are meant to become (roughly) equal, with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. What could you get done with half a day of sunshine on your side? Start from the top We’ve had a windy, stormy winter, and your …

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So what was the cost of Christmas?

Christmas presents and biscuits

Now that the festivities are over, we take a look at the cost of Christmas and ask whether you have considered the cost of loss or damage of your new gifts both in and out of the home. Virgin Money Home Insurance customers would be pleased to know that  we automatically increase cover for religious festivals and birthdays on our …

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The Help to Buy mortgage scheme

Help to Buy

Independent expert Ed Bowsher looks at how it could benefit you If you want to buy a home and you only have a small deposit – say 5% of the property’s value – things have been pretty tough since the financial crisis a few years ago. You’ve either had to pay a much higher interest rate than the market average, …

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Our simple guide to buying your home

Our guide to buying property

What to consider when climbing the property ladder 1. Set a realistic budget The first step is to understand how much money you have available with which to buy a property. Typically, you will need at least 10 per cent of the cost saved up to use as a deposit. Depending on your personal circumstances including your credit history, the type …

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Our simple guide to adding value to your home

our simple guide to adding value to your home, couple looking happy after decorating

Could you Improve rather than move? Debate has raged in the media recently over Government plans to ease planning restrictions for three years to boost the building trade. While many remain unconvinced of the economic benefit this may bring, many Britons are now looking far more seriously at improving rather than moving. The ceiling price Whether you’re planning an extension …

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How I bought my home

How I bought my home house exterior and photo of emma

Virgin Money customers The Coyles tell their story Buying her first home was a real family affair for Emma Coyle, 28, who moved into the Manchester flat in May 2013. And as we have advised in ‘Our simple guide to buying a property’, Emma found doing her homework was the key to snatching up her two bedroom Victorian conversion at …

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