I spend my retirement saving lives in Africa

We spoke to Dr Keith Thomson who has achieved some extraordinary things in his retirement. If Dr Keith Thomson’s father had had his way, he would have gone into the family business working for DC Thomson, the company behind legendary comics like ‘Beano’ and ‘Dandy’. But for the 67-year-old former NHS anaesthetist, the funny books were not his vocation. “I …

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Meet the man who spent his retirement building a museum


Introducing Steve Davies, whose love of dinosaurs has led to an interesting retirement When you think of retirement you tend to think of a break from work and a time to relax. That wasn’t the case for Steve, who opened the doors to Dinosaurland Fossil Museum in 1995, housing 113 exhibits. Twenty years later, he has 10,632. After resigning from …

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How I Used My Retirement To Become Kindle’s Bestselling UK Author

Open book

62-year-old Sheila Rodgers decided to explore a new passion when she retired, with incredible results. Rachel Abbott (the pen name of Shelia Roberts) never thought this would happen to her. The 62-year-old was born Sheila Rodgers and until five years ago, she’d never put pen to paper other than to sign the contract to sell the interactive media company she’d …

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How A Retired Dentist Became The World’s Fastest 96-Year-Old

World's fastest 96- year old

We speak to Dr Charles Eugster about his inspirational retirement story. Dr Charles Eugster, a 96-year-old retired dentist and keen rower, started to discover that his body was deteriorating. “I decided my body needed more muscle,” he reveals, “so I joined a bodybuilding club and hired a previous Mr Universe to train me.” His trainer taught him more about workout …

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Pension options if you’re self-employed

By independent expert Harvey Jones It’s just as important to think about your pension if you’re self-employed as if you’re employed – but nearly half of all self-employed people have no pension savings at all. The self-employed have to work harder to save for retirement, because they won’t get employer’s pension contributions or qualify for the new government-backed auto-enrolment workplace …

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