Protecting the things I love

National Pet Month Competition: #PetsInDress

Now in its 27th year, National Pet Month offers the nation a chance to celebrate the wonderful impact pets have on our lives and this year will focus on the Top 10 Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership, reminding us of how important it is for us to provide the very best levels of care for our pets. From 1 April – …

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12 clever places to hide Easter eggs

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the real meaning of Easter is ‘to eat as much chocolate as possible’. Do your family a favour and hide the Easter eggs somewhere they’ll never be discovered and devoured. You don’t want them to ransack your house, of course – these are places they just won’t think to check. Inside the TV cabinet …

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Seamonsters, attack by Daleks, sharknados: all covered by a new life insurance policy

Dalek chasing child

This week we launched our new Virgin Life Insurance policy. Among the risks that the policy does not exclude are heat ray attacks from Martian tripods, use of world terraforming engines by aliens, rampages by a 100ft tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Dalek invasions. It could also cover risks associated with Giants chasing policy holders out of their castles in clouds …

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