Takeaway resources

The key moments when counting down to a charity event

You may have already read our article ‘An exercise in exercise; sporting charity events can do more than just make you sweat’ where two experts in event fundraising field talk to us about how sporting charity events are a fantastic way to fundraise and build your supporter base. Well now you can download this Takeaway resource which suggests some key …

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The perfect pitch email to the media

You may have already read our article ‘The secret to having your charity covered by the media’, where we talked through some of the ways that charities spread the word to the world via press, radio and TV. Well here we have a Takeaway resource to help you create the perfect email to pitch your story to the media; you …

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Ten top tips for a successful e-newsletter

Kickstart your digital marketing with an email newsletter

You may have already read our piece ‘Kickstart your digital marketing with an email newsletter’ discussing successful ways of connecting with your army of fundraisers. Well now you can download a Takeaway resource of “ten top tips” which may give you some ideas of what you can include when compiling your email newsletter. Creating a successful newsletter If you have any questions or feedback, …

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How to make donating easy


Create deeplinks from your website to Virgin Money Giving and make it even easier for your supporters to donate. Deeplinks are links that have prefilled instructions so you can personalise at what point your supporters land in our donation journey. Deeplinks give your supporters a better experience and can increase donations. It means they don’t need to search for your charity …

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Set up Campaigns to bring your fundraisers and donors together

Thank You

Virgin Money Giving Campaigns is a flexible tool which lets you set up your fundraising campaigns so you can bring fundraisers and donors together for a specific objective. Whether that is through an event, Charity of the Year fundraising or a natural disaster appeal, Campaigns gives you more control over the charity pages you create. Watch our video to find …

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