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Be your charity’s hero

Cancer charity fundraiser Jonathan and his wife Lauren with their marathon medals

My #ReasonToRun is that following my battle with Testicular Cancer and chemotherapy, I will continue to run with fight and determination for those who can’t, whilst fundraising for charity along the way. Putting your charity front and centre of everything you do, really helps to drive your fundraising and get your supporters to really understand why it matters. We caught up with Jonathan and …

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Why you should be asking for donations in person

Maybe you’re not running a marathon, but sometimes fundraising can feel like a marathon effort. With the Virgin Money London Marathon being our biggest, annual fundraising event, we asked our fundraisers what really worked for them. Whilst sharing your story on social media will help, nothing is quite as compelling as sharing your story in person and having a one-on-one …

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Lifting 263 black cabs for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Stephen Snowling is fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Tomorrow, at Lingwood Village Hall, Fitness @ the Street crew will be attempting to lift 500,000kg in a deadlift challenge for Great Ormond Street Hospital. To help you visualise this, that’s 263 black cabs, 92 African elephants, or 3 Boeing 747s without any people in them! The team, lead by Stephen Snowling, will be taking this on to raise money for the charity …

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Charity challenges and borrowing bikes

Chris Astill is swimming the channel

Around 20 August 2017, Chris Astill-Smith will be jumping into the water in England and not getting out again until he reaches France as he takes on the mammoth challenge of swimming the English channel. Doing good goes global Chris isn’t your average fundraiser. Understanding the importance of “getting your fundraising out there”, he decided that going small just wasn’t his …

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Whatever you do, be creative

Being happy to be alive and urging for more progress with brain research is my #ReasontoRun One thing we’ve learned this week is that when you’re fundraising, it’s really important that your donation requests, your story and your page stand out. If they are different, if they grip your supporters, you interest people and interested people make donations. If there’s anything you …

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