Charity Spotlight week: 10 Top Social Media Tips

With fresh sites and apps popping up all the time, what seems like a new online language and overwhelming stories of success, sometimes Social Media can seem a bit daunting.

Once you get started, however, these things are easier than they seem and can be a great way to reach out to new and existing donors, fundraisers and partners and to expand your knowledge.

If you start by registering on Facebook and Twitter and then following our 10 simple tips below, you’ll be well on your way to joining in with the crowds of trending, viral hashtaggers which could increase support and donations for your organisation.

1. Ronseal cover photos and logo profile photos

Make sure someone who has never heard of your organisation can get a good idea of what your focus is from your cover photo and can see your logo clearly in your profile picture.

2. Follow and Like relevant people

Search key terms, individuals and organisations related to your cause and follow them on twitter or Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date in your sector

3. Friends and family

Ask friends and family to follow your pages and Like and share your content to help you get started

4. Stay on message

People need to get what they expect when they visit your Facebook or see your tweets so decide your area of interest and target market and stick to it

5. Use Pictures and Video

If you have a picture or video for your post then use it – these posts are always more popular

6. Be genuine

Interact online as you would in real life – it’s great to show an interest in other people’s activities too. Updates about employees in your organisation and volunteer activities help build a rapport with supporters

7. Communicate

As well as following people related to your cause, be sure to comment on, Like and share their posts in order to build relationships and establish yourself in your sector

8. Budget for Tweet/Facebook promotion

With both Twitter and Facebook you can put money behind your activities in order to reach a wider audience. This will publicise your message to more people so is an easy way spread the word

9. Make posts shareable

To encourage re-posts, create images which people will want to share. This year after the Virgin Money London Marathon, we created this post which people shared to show their friends and family they’d completed their challenge; this not only spreads your Social Media page, but also encourages friends and family to donate

10. Help is out there!

A quick search turns up plenty of free, charity specific blog posts, training, advice and social media services