Whizz-Kidz testimonial: why Virgin Money Giving came out top

Charlotte Ulett, Events Fundraising Officer at Whizz-Kidz:

“What would I say to a charity thinking of working with Virgin Money Giving? I would say they should definitely do it. We had worked with Virgin Money Giving alongside other fundraising platforms for a long time, but this year we decided to go with them exclusively. We considered what was good for the charity and our fundraisers and Virgin Money Giving came out on top.

The back-end admin side of the platform was particularly important to us. The ease of getting data from Virgin’s platform into our database, the easy-to-use reporting functions and the way it lets us use fundraiser data intelligently are all brilliant.

What really impressed us, though, was how much time Virgin Money Giving spend thinking about how they can help fundraisers. Digital has changed how fundraising is done. Just sending a sponsorship form around doesn’t cut it any more – people are having to bring in innovative ways to fundraise and that’s where Virgin Money Giving can really help. They have a sector-wide understanding of where the current trends are and they can help push those behaviours and ultimately help people reach their targets.

We really notice this around the Virgin Money London Marathon. The event is key for us – each year we raise over £1.2 million from it – and Virgin Money Giving have the insight, the ideas and the system that can help fundraisers use their network better. They have different communication plans that really add value – reminding people when they are halfway to their target, sending ideas to people who are below their target to help them keep pushing etc. A lot of the time they do the communications a charity would do themselves and if you don’t have the experience doing that it really helps.

It’s not just events fundraising they are good at, though. They’ve got ways to set up corporate donations, in-memory donations – all the different types of fundraising that you can do. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all relationship.

About Whizz-Kidz

Whizz-Kidz is a national charity supporting disabled children and young people through the provision of mobility equipment, fun accessible activities and life skills services, giving them the experience and confidence they need for an independent future. For more information see whizz-kidz.org.uk